LEGO® toys are highly sought after by your customers, clients, and employees. Why not make your own custom LEGO® brick set?
"They are by far our most popular client gift!" - RowdMap
ICHIBAN Toys designs and makes high-quality custom LEGO® brick sets that strengthen brand awareness, establish strong client relationships, and nurture employee loyalty. Over a decade of experience and trustworthy reputation have made us the top choice for many small businesses and Fortune 100 corporations alike. 
Our small and skillful team have a background in product design, graphic design, marketing, and production. We have the expertise to design a model that not only looks great, but is well-engineered, can be manufactured, and is fun to assemble.

Let us lighten your load for a marketing campaign or employee appreciation gift. With just an email conversation, we'll transform your notes into a complete product that is not much different than a typical LEGO® set from the store.
This includes all brand-new genuine LEGO® parts from their factories, printed instruction booklet, vinyl sticker sheet, and custom-designed packaging with your logo.
Our efficient methods reduce product development and manufacturing timeframes down to as little as a few months. We design and assemble your product in our own facility in Oregon, USA.
14 YEARS / 59,000 SETS
You can trust us with your project. We are a regularly contracted supplier for some of the largest companies in the world, but we enjoy working with businesses of all sizes.
Our designs range from office buildings to medical equipment, autonomous cars to supersonic planes, air handling units to pile driving rigs.
Success operating in Japan and the USA has helped refine our service and product. We have the experience to adapt to changing global situations and we will communicate with you realistic and honest timeframes and expectations.​​​​​​​
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