The timeframe from order to shipment is typically 4-6 months.
Each set is produced by hand, overseen by the designer of your model. To ensure product quality, a very specific process has been developed over several years. We are proud of our extremely low error rate in production.
Below, you will find more information regarding each aspect of your project, along with optional customizations to fit your needs. 
Utilizing our vast inventory of LEGO® pieces and software, we develop a concept model based on your requirements and wants. The designer, Chris, typically creates a full and functional concept model first, then isolates and focuses on each area that needs more attention. Only when every aspect of the design has been resolved will you get to see concept images and relay feedback to us. We want you to be excited with the first concept design.
We will send digital renders for your approval as it is a quick way to make adjustments and present to you updated concepts.
To maximize efficiency, we make up to 125 identical sets at the same time. Continuous improvements and investments in our production setup has improved our capacity and maintained the highest standards.

Environmental Impact
• Our property is powered by 96% renewable energy.
• LED and natural lighting throughout.
• Shipping materials from suppliers are recycled.
• LEGO® parts are primarily imported from Europe, and shipped via air transport. To mitigate this, we put extra effort into sourcing parts for multiple projects at the same time.
• Parts are secured in LDPE plastic #2 reclosable bags, which are reliable, reusable and lightweight. Recycling options vary. We are continuing to look for alternative options.
Typical contents of a set.
The building process should be fun and logical, with a little bit of challenge, so as to give the builder a feeling of accomplishment. Since the designer of the model also makes the instructions, the design and building process come together harmoniously.
We give it a premium look by photographing real parts in each step and including a stunning printed instruction booklet in each box. 
Each photo is captured in a custom no-shadow photo studio with an incredibly unique perspective-control lens. Additional text, close-ups or digital lines are incorporated where necessary.
We use an established print shop to create a high-quality booklet with either staple or perfect-bound binding. Smaller sets may use a folded sheet.

• Add your logo to the front cover. $0
• Add a 2-page spread at the beginning of the booklet. $350 + $0.50/set
• Add a 4-page spread at the beginning of the booklet. $700 + $1/set
• Use 100% FSC-certified recycled paper. $2.50/set (due to supply constraints)
• Provide a PDF copy of the instructions (we will still include printed instructions in each box). $0

Environmental Impact
• Our booklets are generally more concise than comparable LEGO® set booklets. As a result we use significantly less paper and ink than comparable products.
• Optional upgrade to 100% FSC-certified recycled paper.
• Printed in a carbon-neutral facility.
• Fully recyclable (however, we recommend keeping the instructions as a future reference).
Smaller details and your branding are typically achieved through vinyl stickers. Our specialist print shop uses laser-cutting equipment so we can get precise measurements and unique shapes!
Digital printing is an incredible advancement to reduce cost and time, however it is limited in its ability to reproduce vibrant colors. We are also careful in how stickers are placed on curved parts and over multiple parts so as to ensure the highest quality in your product. The designer will factor this in during design work.
Sticker sheets are included in the price.

Environmental Impact
• Sticker sheets are printed and cut in North America, using locally sourced vinyl material.
• Stickers are efficiently arranged to minimize waste materials.
• Backing paper and excess material are generally not recyclable. 
All sets are packaged in Roll-End-Front-Tuck boxes, which are highly efficient in minimizing waste, are easily recyclable, and requires no glue or tape for securing. They are printed with non-toxic food-grade inks on the HP PageWide C500 Press, which gives the highest resolution we've found from any small-run printer in North America. The quality and accuracy does not yet match up with traditional lithographic printed boxes, but is the most practical solution for projects up to 3000 units.
To meet the expectations of the LEGO® Company, the box must look like an ICHIBAN Toys product. So a limited amount of our branding will be on the box, along with necessary product details and disclaimers. This is all incorporated in a simple but effective box design that will feature your logo(s) and 1 or more photos of the finished model.
We will email you a digital proof of the box art file for approval before it goes to print.

• Would you like to design the box? We can send you a template, and then we'll finalize your art file for printing. $200
• Share your branding guidelines, photos, icons, and text to help us develop a more personalized box design for your project. $900

Environmental Impact
• Cardboard packaging is sourced only from SFI Certified suppliers in North America, and includes 30-50% recycled content.
• Packaging is cut and printed in a location only 4 hours drive away from our facility.
• The REFT style box utilizes a design that produces very little waste off-cuts (which are recycled) and requires no glue, tape, or other form of sealing.
• Box sizes are kept as small as possible.
• Non-toxic, food-grade, true water-based inks.
• Fully recyclable.
Custom designed box to resemble the real Xbox Series X packaging.
Your project is designed and made in Oregon, USA.
Our packaging and shipping cartons are deliberately sized to provide good protection with minimal packaging waste. This also increases the efficiency of transportation.
USA. FedEx Ground or UPS Ground / Typical transit time is 1-5 business days
International. FedEx, UPS, or Freight Forwarder / Typical transit time is 4-10 business days**
Weather and other events may cause delays in transit times. 
**For international shipments, it will be your responsibility to pay for all customs duty, import fees, and taxes. You will need to verify these costs and all import restrictions before ordering from us as it is impossible for us to know the import laws of each country. We typically register shipments with HS Code 950300 however you are welcome to suggest a different code based on your particular usage of the product. 

• We can split your order for shipment to multiple locations/offices. Prices vary.
• We can direct ship to your recipients. US addresses only. Prices vary.
• (International) Arrange your own freight forwarder. $0

Environmental Impact
• Product boxes and shipping cartons are carefully sized for maximum packing efficiency. This reduces the space needed on trucks.
• If box filler material from suppliers is still clean, we will reuse it for your shipment.
• Shipping cartons are fully recyclable.
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